Custom Software Development services

IT Solutions: We Enhance Your Value by Making Your Business Unique

"We may need to solve problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place."

If you are looking for competent custom software solutions, then NIPL is the right choice. For satisfying the various needs of the customer in this gradually increasing competitive industry has given rise to designing of custom software development. It requires an in-depth proficiency of developers and flexible yet structured methodology to create high quality software development solutions by tactical differentiation and operational superiority. We believe in increasing competitiveness in the global scenario by offering:-

We use both model-based as well as non-model-based approaches through different frameworks. Some of the salient and key features of our custom software development approach are:-

Application development

"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

NIPL provides all your applications management needs and requirements. Today, when software industry is flooded with innovative architectures and applications, we offer you the latest and powerful application development solutions. We not only focus on building and developing applications using cost and time efficient software components, but also enhance customer relations and increase revenue opportunities. We focus on the quality with reliability in a diverse range of custom development, maintenance and data migration services to the clients.

Application Development Services:

"You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success."

Develops new applications and regenerate existing ones, Offers complete technical solutions to address new application development needs after studying the technical and economical/business feasibility, Provides high quality and cost efficient solutions using benchmarked development practices with a global delivery module, Ensures usability, reusability, stability, consistency and quality.

Application Maintenance Services:

"We had stopped optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users."

NIPL is specialized in providing total application maintenance services with a guaranteed flexible system that can grow along with your business. Maintenance requires lot of time. We lessen your burden and help you to save your quality time by taking care of your maintenance requirements. Maintenance is carried out by adopting a three phase model of maintenance for your old /existing application systems viz. corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance.

Client-Server Application Development

NIPL offers solutions like:

Client - Server Application Development:

Distributed Application Development:

NIPL provides you distributed application development services that are capable of handling requests from multiple clients and are responsible for coordinating and synchronizing responses.

Browser Based Application

" This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when noone else recognizes that it is present."

NIPL has a rich experience in the development of browser based applications. This would help you in running the business from anywhere, without any software installation, as long as you have a web browser. You are not restricted to applications that run in a single computer or network only. You can save the cost of maintaining expensive communication lines and other infrastructure

Web Based Application Development

"It's more important to do the right thing than to do things right."

NIPL believes that web application development is paramount to carry out online business efficiently in both micro as well as macro levels. An online presence means more than just an Internet brochure to a web business. The custom web application developments designed by the experts are capable of improving the efficacy of any aspect of your business. NIPL deals with web application development projects of any density and duration. Be it a small website, a multifarious e-commerce web application or corporate website - we develop it all for you.

The experienced developers and skilled programmers at NIPL work in close association with the clients. The team at NIPL conceptualizes your specifications and then evaluates all the long-term and immediate objectives of your development needs. NIPL offers hi-end website development and professional web applications for your business requirements. A creative team of best professionally educated designers, skilled and experienced programmers and highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your development project. HEADINGS

Experts at NIPL work closely with you to analyze short and long-term goals and develop an in-depth understanding of your web application development needs. We push boundaries to create unique web designs. To ensure the highest level of quality, each application undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing throughout development and is deployed through systematic launch of processes.

First of all, we take adequate care to ensure

your web application requirements are taken care of with the latest technological standards so that you remain in an advantageous position over your peers globally. Secondly, the cost and labor of installing software devices with each and every client computer also gets significantly reduced with web-based applications taking up a much bigger share of the load.

Web Operating Technologies:-

Web Programming Application Development Systems :-

Web Application Database Design & Development:

Tools Used In Web Programming Application Development:

Rapid Application Development

"To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted."

Rapid application development at NIPL is designed to give much faster development and higher quality than the traditional lifecycle. NIPL is an established offshore application development company that offers the most updated versions of RAD techniques for the smooth management of an enterprise after a thorough understanding of the client's requirements. The development team at NIPL is handy with RAD techniques, like CASE tools, iterative life-cycles, prototyping, workshops, SWAT teams, Time-box Development and Re-use of applications, templates and code.

NIPL follows a Rapid Application Development method that can meet the correct business requirements of the client effectively as soon as the system comes into operation. The different stages of RAD at NIPL are:

Requirements gathering:


User Design:

Rapid Construction:


NIPL's experience shows that RAD is best suited in software application development projects with well defined business objective and scope where,

Website Development and Design

"What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left."

Our design can make your website #1 Sales Person

NIPL's well crafted website designs translate into more conversions and shorten your sales cycle. Our designs build brands, command trust, respect and lead to easier sales.

At NIPL, we have expertise in a plethora of varying styles and uniqueness of website designs.

We specialize in professional, quality, yet affordable custom website design

We build designs that promote branding and corporate identity

We design engaging and appealing websites, high on usability and accessibility

We design websites that works for your customer and for your business

A website is only good as it looks in more ways than one. The website design philosophy in NIPL is simple:

"A good design should facilitate users to get the maximum from the website; the website should not be there for its own sake."

NIPL is a professional web design company that specializes in content-rich and user friendly web designs. We have a competitive advantage over other web design companies in the market with our perfect design, easy navigation, outstanding graphics and powerhouse custom programming skills. We handle clients ranging from the small and medium sized companies to the big corporate houses and other B2B and B2C marketers.

Graphic Design

NIPL can come up with innovative and creative icons to represent fairly abstract concepts in a way that capture the idea being presented. We can effectively perceive the mental picture you want to create, magically capture its essence for the world to see with our simple interface and vivid graphic design. It will ease your comprehensive brand management as we help you to integrate all marketing media around a unified image.

NIPL strongly believes that perfect website designing is not just about artistic and visual beauty, but sound technicality too. We disclose that in all our website designs.

Maintenance & Support

NIPL offers world-class timely software maintenance and support service packages, whether you have a Mission Critical application running on an HP Alpha Server in New York, an engineering package running on an IBM-RS6000 in London, or your Email is running on a SUN server in Berlin. As business enterprises venture to integrate their business and IT strategies, our maintenance and support services can help them to achieve their business goals and objectives, by providing on-time support and value-added maintenance services.

We maintain and resolve the software systems and keep them functional to address new opportunities and business needs, once they become an essential part of a client's business. The timely and cost-effective maintenance services at NIPL include critical aspects of planning for post delivery operations, supportability and logistics determination. NIPL has expertise in the areas of database and language migration, version and functionality upgrades, re-engineering and porting.

The software maintenance and support services at NIPL can be broadly categorized as;


We employ corrective maintenance to remove errors and bugs, ranging from misspelled words in your software interface to incorrect algorithms in your product. Generally, we correct :-


Adaptive software maintenance entails changes related to your application's operating environment. These modifications may consist of


We provide various perfective maintenance services that may include all changes & modifications, deletions & insertions or extensions & enhancements in the existing software to address the escalating needs of the clients. Perfective maintenance at NIPL can improve :-

The software maintenance service at NIPL can minimize your software down-time, as our solutions maintain an average availability of 99.9%. This can translate to no more than 17.5 hours downtime per year for maintenance related procedures and issues. We assume complete responsibility for the maintenance and support of any software solution and provide reliable software infrastructure for the business of our customers.

Research & Development at NIPL: Heading for Perfection

NIPL is a dynamic & established company with a time-honored and highly competent research and development platform, a growing pipeline of skilled candidates and a history of productive collaborative partnerships. NIPL regards research as the crucial component of any software or custom software or content development system. Phases of R&D explored by professionals provides the basic platform to understand the wide scope and objectives of the application including feasibility, competition involved, frameworks available, existing alternatives and a good understanding of the requirements of the targeted audience.

To produce state-of-the-art applications, NIPL follows three critical steps in R&D process from project initiation to finalized product.


Initial phase of research involves a multi directional perspective and provides vital information on different facets of the application being developed like technology, feature, flow, target audience preferences and competition involved. This step ensures structured manner of research feedback and also provides ideas if further research is required on any of the components.


This step involves the refinement of original set of specifications provided by the clients & the researched information to create a single source for consolidating the final requirements.


Being the most crucial component of research process, this step eliminates all ambiguities and freeze the final set of requirements on an interactive basis with the client in an objective manner. This step gives rise to the beginning of the development process.

NIPL's research & development has the advantage of over two years of company experience in outsourcing & software development. Focusing on the development of radical new technologies spanning a wide range of applications, our team at NIPL involves engineering, development and quality professionals specialized in creating innovative solutions for advanced technologies. The R&D team at NIPL focus on the standard & custom designed development processes to impart all software, ecommerce & IT solutions based on the specifications of clients.

NIPL's world-class software development processes through years of research & development helps our clients to;

NIPL's ecommerce, content & software R&D group strives to harvest the ideas and values from a wide range of talented individuals to create a working style & strategy to fit the future demands. NIPL is leading with a mission to provide the business community with need & time-intensive innovative services and solutions, grounded on the unique combination of mature methodology, modern scientific achievements and cutting edge information technologies. With a strong belief of contributing to the research and development activities in India, NIPL utilizes the enthusiastic young & outstanding experienced potential of India.

All your queries, comments or suggestions are welcome here. Please contact our R&D Department for further information.

Our Process

Processes @ NIPL:A Strong Foundation Gives Rise to a Powerful Product

NIPL is a professional software outsourcing Indian company with great knowledge and skilled in providing a wide array of software development solutions with two years of offshore software development experience under its belt, NIPL has attained the competency to develop the best suitable solutions that give your business an edge.

The Software Development Process at NIPL adopts the spiral iterative methodology and waterfall development process where the entire software development project cycle has to go through one or more iterations of all project stages. We have defined processes for queries, requirements specifications, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Features at NIPL :

The software development process at NIPL consists of the following steps :

Communication & Analysis

Processes @ NIPL:A Strong Foundation Gives Rise to a Powerful Product

NIPL makes the initiation of a Software development project fairly simple. You have to take the first step by contacting us through any of the available mediums of communication and tell us your needs and requirements. NIPL places great importance and emphasis on free and open two way communication, as detailed understanding of the client's requirements is the key to the successful implementation of an offshore software outsourcing exercise.

NIPL is open to request for a proposal detailing all your software development needs, where you can explain in detail all your expectations, perceptions and dreams about the project. You can even bring up all the doubts and questions about the project at hand as it will enable the Think Tank in NIPL to analyze your requirements clearly and come up with fitting software development solutions. NIPL has the following mediums available for offshore communication purposes;

Once you have specified us with all the detailed requirements and inputs on the project, the NIPL development team consisting of the project manager, software architect, developer and tester would go through a brainstorming session to minutely analyze the project at hand. Then we would get back to you with a thorough analysis accompanied with the recommended solutions that include the project schedule, personnel assignments, cost, and a deadline in a very short period of time.

NIPL takes extreme care to maintain confidentiality of information. We are open to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you give us any project related information to protect your intellectual property.

Development & Design Process

"I think that our fundamental belief is that for us development is a way of life and we have to grow at all times with a new design in a particular process"

The software design process is a vital part of the whole software development process as it is the crucial stage where the creative inventions are summarized and synthesized to form a plan. NIPL plans out and executes the most effective design strategy out of the numerous software solutions and methodologies after taking into account the specifications of the client's business needs.

The software development team in NIPL has two years of established and proven design practices to fall back to when it comes to drawing up the right software design. The experience helps in weighing the pros and cons of the various solutions available, as we have already tried different software design alternatives regularly to chalk out the most advantageous strategy.

Once the taking of the specification of the software development project is complete, NIPL immediately starts working on converting it into a design. NIPL constantly strives on designing software that can meet all the business needs of the client. The software design process at NIPL is all about the efforts to make the software;

NIPL incorporates the latest scripting languages and utilizes a plethora of platforms to design high quality software. We build software designs that describe systems to meet the requirements of the various clients

Quality Assurance

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

NIPL firmly believes that Quality Analysis is an ongoing process that has no ends. Quality Assurance at NIPL is a part and parcel of any software development life cycle because we try to ensure that the client gets a high quality and reliable software solutions without failing to fulfill any of the standard protocols that have been chalked out earlier.

Superior quality software development services in NIPL are made possible by its well maintained quality analysis process. These days, shorter cycles and frequent releases of software services coupled with the ever increasing customer expectations keep many of the software development vendors under great pressure. NIPL operates a well-equipped state-of-the-art testing laboratory supported by a qualified testing staff to maintain quality right from the incubation stage of the software development project.

NIPL uses the latest testing tools to make sure that the quality of your delivery is not compromised other than focusing only on the short completion time. Our software testing tools are tailor made to maintain top quality software that is high on performance, user friendliness and stability.

The NIPL QA team constantly keeps track of the latest coding standards, best coding practice, documentation standards and quality assurance to give you quality software for your business requirements without failing to meet deadlines. We use the following QA testing services to guarantee high quality product delivery to our clients;

Implementation Process

"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change."

NIPL follows the tried and tested implementation methodology, as only a structured and methodical implementation process which will give you a result oriented software development solution. The software implementation process at NIPL is carefully designed to enable the clients to adopt the best defined and consistent software practices.

Generally, the software implementation process would cater to;

The implementation process at NIPL can deliver the desired software solutions that satisfy all your business requirements. The team at NIPL comprises of specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in preparing a clear cut roadmap for software development implementation process

Maintenance Process

"We may need to solve problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place."

Recent trends in the global IT scenario shows that companies have to shell out a huge part of their budget on the software maintenance and a big share of human resources in the form of skilled workers for day-to-day software maintenance of the existing systems in order to keep pace with the ever changing application maintenance requirements. NIPL can help you cost cuts at such crucial situations.

NIPL offers you the most efficient ongoing application maintenance and software development solutions at very reasonable costs. The software support and application maintenance team at NIPL can successfully integrate our solutions to your system with the aid of cutting edge technology.

NIPL believes in easier vendor upgrades that can help clients to meet the application maintenance and servicing challenges at an unbelievably reduced cost. NIPL combines perfect business understanding, well-run technical expertise, profound process knowledge and experience to follow a three step approach in handling software and application maintenance.

Remedial Maintenance : NIPL provides corrective and remedial software maintenance to vendor fixes round the clock with a very functional help desk that reports.

Preventive/ Perfective Maintenance : NIPL can cut down the cost of using a corrective software maintenance process in the near future. We can help you pick out any existing defects and faults in the system that may be a cause of worry and concern later on.

Adaptive Maintenance : NIPL helps business vendors to move with the times. We have the requisite skills to add enhancements and other functional extensions that can expose you to a wider market.

Software application maintenance process is an important step under Application Development Process.